4 thoughts on “Everything seems in order

  1. I’m so confused…

    You’re smart enough to fly a jet.
    You’re talented enough to create the Gold Digger universe.
    You’re dedicated and motivated enough to consistently deliver laugh-out-loud comedy, spine-tingling action & adventure, and offer up a body of work that is both visually & intellectually so detailed it rocks my world on a regular basis.
    You took 5 seconds out of your life to not only read my fan mail, but to publish it in the back of your 200th issue extravaganza.

    AND NOW, you’re somehow generous enough to GIVE your fans 199 FREE ISSUES to read at their leisure?!?

    You are my hero and my idol.

    You can’t be human.


  2. Hi, thought I’d pass along that your archive pages look a bit messed up in my browser.
    I’m seeing this in both Firefox and IE10 and I’ve white listed this site for both my adblocker and scriptblocker.
    The “Home” page looks fine.

    In other news, I’ve only recently discovered your comic and love it. I was sent to the old archive page by this guy
    http://www.deviantart.com/art/Amazonies-378102160, who you’ve apparently traumatized with your last issue.

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